Wednesday, January 6, 2010

H&M Destroys, Dumps, Doesn't Donate Clothes That Don't Sell

And a happy new year to you too! A particularly vile story from The New York Times: The 34th Street Herald Square H&M has been intentionally destroying and dumping clothes that don't sell -- destroying perfectly good winter coats, jackets, and more warm stuff, so that the clothing can't be worn. Instead of donating the clothing to the countless New Yorkers (or people worldwide) who are freezing. The irony -- directly below that H&M is a train station where COLD HOMELESS PEOPLE ARE LIVING. Why? Because unfortunately it's not hard to find homeless people in New York. HOW is H&M not donating these warm winter items?

The story is currently trending on Twitter, so hopefully that instant spreading of information, as well as the gravity of the initial Times story will be a wake-up call for H&M and encourage them to take some kind of retroactive responsibility -- donating a substantial amount of money and clothing to a local and/or national homeless organization or outreach center like New York Cares.