Saturday, August 14, 2010

Doc Martens Fall 2010 Gold Flocked Floral Boots

($120, Dr Martens,
I asked myself WHY would I want gold, glittery, flocked Doc Martens boots. But then I asked myself the more revelant question: why WOULDN'T I want flocked floral Doc Martens, hmm? They're perfect for fall mornings when you wake up late, don't really feel like "getting dressed" and just throw them on with black leggings and a solid black dress. One of those "your shoes ARE your outfit" outfits.

Look, I know they're wackadoo and look like a couch your parents probably have in the basement no one ever goes into anymore, but while my head is saying "no," my heart is saying "let's go." Oh yeah, get 20% off Doc Martens with promo code FALL2010 through 9/15/2010. You're WELCOME.