Wednesday, April 28, 2010

Late to the Party: Cynthia Vincent for Target

Peeps, these Cynthia Vincent for Target shoes kinda rock. Looks like the black gladiator wedges sold out (boo), but I picked up a pair in brown at an upstate Target this past weekend. I am so glad Carl indulges my Target fixation. Anyway....

The straps on these gladiator wedges, $29.99, were kinda loose on my regular size, but a half-size down solved the problem. Yay!

I also tried on the strappy ring flats, $24.99, in a half-size up (which was actually fine), but the straps were flopping all around, so I passed. Maybe a half size down would fix it also? I might actually go for these in white, since I just bought yellow sandals.

And I'm digging the hot pink studded thongs, $24.99, though I'm wary of the toe strap. Seems like just ASKING for trouble.

Surprisingly, the tribal-print wedges, $29.99, are still available. Weird! They're so cute!

I'm gonna hit the Matt Bernson sample sale on Friday, and if I STILL need sandals, maybe I'll order up some of Cynthia's and hope for a good fit.

Then all I'll need is some NICE GODDAMN WEATHER. Seriously, why so winter???