Monday, July 12, 2010

This Helmut Lang "Heathen" Dress Is Basically Ever Album Cover That Came Out So Far This Year

I posted a very polarizing pair of Helmut Lang jean shorts the other day -- and by polarizing, I mean that I'm the only one who liked them. And this weekend, I stopped by Bloomingdales after some "hairapy" (harrr) at Pepper Pastor Salon (more on that to come!), and ended up trying on this Helmut Lang "Heathen" FW2010 jersey dress. The graphic pattern reminds me of how, um, every indie band these days is doing kinda psychedelic, low-fi album art.

($230, Helmut Lang, Nordstrom)
Everything about this dress worked... except for the scoop neck. Too much scoop. Too low cut for us for whom bras are a non option. Though it might work with a really thin jersey camisole. Maybe. (Also, I couldn't find it on the Bloomingdales' site, but I'm pretty sure it cost less in the store? Maybe?)

Anyway, I'm not kidding about the 2010 indie albums. See?