Sunday, September 5, 2010

Feelin' It: Dolce Vita for Target

A weekend trip to New Jersey means a trip to Target, which is cause for celebration enough. Add in Labor Day weekend, and suddenly it's back-to-school shopping (without the school): double yay! Then, the cherry on top: a designer collab I'd completely forgotten about and, to be frank, kind of written off. I saw the pics for the Dolce Vita for Target collection a few weeks back but wasn't really into them, even though I'm a fan of Dolce Vita shoes and have a bunch of them. Somehow, in person, the boots didn't seem quite so pirate-y, and the flats were a little more special.

Lace-up boots, $34.99. I'm not usually one for lace-up boots, but I decided I could try to be one. Like my fearless coblogger! Also these have a handy diagonal zipper up the side that means you only have to fix the laces to your liking once (they're still functional). And the faux leather is of pretty high quality. Beware, this shoe for some reason runs at LEAST a full size large; I got a 7 when I usually wear an 8.

Studded ballet flats, $29.99. The major selling points for these are the tiny understated studs and the square ballet shoe–like toe. These run a tad small; I should probably have gotten a half-size up, as I now see the reviews are telling me. Why can't they standardize the sizing? Cute, though. Sold!

Some other back-to-school finds:

Mossimo boyfriend cardigan, $20. Leggings, boots, done.

Mossimo lace inset cardigan, $22.99. Cardigans are pretty much a staple of my fall wardrobe, so. Why not?

Anyone else feeling the DV for Targs?