Wednesday, September 29, 2010

I Heart Pendleton Everything! + Weird '90s Flashback

I don't necessarily think Pendleton's Native American designs really flatter me, but that doesn't stop me from admiring their resurgence and their wonderfully wooly winter undertones.

Two Pendleton pieces that are on my fantasy shopping list (things I'll never buy yet would graciously accept as... you know... donations or something) are this Pendleton wool and leather weekender bag. It's so ruggedly handsome. It's like the Javier Bardem of bags, you know? But less scruffy:
($216, Pendleton,

From the sturdy, strapping leather details to the please-don't-get-me-all-super-dirty metal feet, to the luggage tag, I fully endorse everything about this Pendleton bag (as well as the lovely Epaulet, which you should visit in person or online.)

I ride a bike approximately once every... never. Seriously, I NEVER ride a bike. I haven't been on one since approximately 1997, and that was only for a brief moment to determine that up until then, I hadn't been on one since 1991 and since it was 1997, well, I sure as hell wasn't about to take up bike riding again. Hm. I wonder what I was wearing in 1997. Probably some really horrible "relaxed fit" DKNY jeans with zero shape. And a thrift store t-shirt that said "John Deere." And possibly a flannel.  Lovely. ANYWAY, I completely digress. If I WERE to ride a bike, Urban Outfitters' Pendleton bike (available early October) would be it.

BTW, here's me in the '90s. SO style-less that I HAD to share for the sake of comedy. Can you believe people actually COME TO ME for style advice now?!? Oh, and I'm pretty sure that was my "going out" shirt, and it was special because it was one of the sole things I owned from The Gap. I took good care to iron it. And those spoon-shaped gold sunglasses? THERE ARE NO WORDS capable of describing "the bad." I remember being CRESTFALLEN when they disappeared... Little did I know it was truly for the best. Live and learn, people. Live and learn.