Tuesday, October 26, 2010

This Disney Tron Merch IS THE FUTURE!

I'm gonna pat myself on the back as I proudly admit that I'm pretty much TOO YOUNG to remember "Tron." AHEM! Yay, me! I only really know that it was the past's creepy concept of the future, and because there was no Internet, I guess everyone believed it, and what happens in the movie is  a computer named HAL kills everybody, including Harrison Ford's and Jeff Bridges' characters, because it knew secrets about the government, and that Journey did the soundtrack, right? Maybe I'll watch it on an iPad for ultimate post-modern irony.

Anyway, Tron: Legacy is being released in December 2010, and Disney Consumer Products is releasing a small collection of super-sweet Tron-inspired couture accessories. Such as...
($795, Jerome C. Rousseau)
A silver, tiered, five-inch platform heel? YESSSS! GOD, YES!

($365, Tom Tom)
Mirrored lucite bracelet, guys. Seriously. Get into it.

... But the real business is Hayden-Harnett's Tron collection. 

(Super User Cuff: $110; Master Control Cuff: $98; Clu Hobo Bag: $478; Quorra Sholder Handbag: $242; Byte Carryall: $129; Kaster Clutch: $478
If that's what space-future is like, then I want to go there. Not tomorrow, but yesterday.

Okay, finally check out this photo of a dog dressed like Tron for Halloween:
(Kelly Neal/ Metromix New York)