Thursday, October 28, 2010

WHY BUY: Levi's Black Jean Leggings/ Jeggings/ Whatever

Welcome to a new FashionBinge feature called "Why Buy?" wherein we tell you why you should buy something. No, no one is paying us to write these. If something is great and we've roadtested it and determined that it indeed does not suck and/or fall apart upon initial handling/ espying, we will advise you to buy it! It if it's terrible, you will not find it here. Make sense? Easy breezy, no? Good! Great.

Okay, our first "Why Buy" is Levi's jeans leggings/ jeggings, whatever.

Why buy them?

Well. I've been wearing a pair for a year, and these were the "jeggings" that convinced me jeggings were, in fact, okay. They're less legging, more thin, exTREMELY skinny black jeans. They look good with absolutely ANYTHING you'd wear skinny black jeans with (for me, that's mostly everything but like... a bathing suit), and after wash after wash they haven't faded, nor do they look too annoyingly new.
($40, Levi's)
The OTHER reason you should buy them: they're on CRAZY sale!  $40, guys! Stock up. UPDATE: THEY'RE ON SALE FOR 40% OFF, PEOPLE!

While mine don't feel like they've shrunk, they do fit a little snug, so I'd probably size up. And I'd probably buy two pairs. Thank me laters.