Friday, December 3, 2010

Urban Outfitters MADE Me Buy These Black Boots! + PROMO CODES!

DAMN, you Urban Outfitters. You led me right back into temptation again, didn't you? Knowing full well that I'm nearly powerless to you. Especially when you dangle a promo code in front of my nose.

While shopping for THIS awesome gift for my husband (I don't wanna post it directly because he reads this from time to time), I kinda had to get myself a reward of some sort for finding him such an AWESOME present.  Enter, these black leather hiking boots!

($88, Ecote,
I love the wooden stacked heel and the metal D-rings. Hopefully they'll deliver in the cuteness category once I receive them.

($39.99, Cooperative,
I also fully support these really sweet Sherpa-lined Cooperative black boots with a stacked heel. They're on sale!

AND promo code "HEREYOUGO" saves you $25 on $100 and more. GET IT!