Thursday, March 24, 2011

Finally, Striped Pants I Feel Okay About

($298, Tory Burch,
Usually I react to the thought of striped pants the same way I do when I see young children drop something onto the floor of the subway and then put it into their mouths before their parents have a chance to catch them. That is to say... the very notion makes me ill at ease. I don't care how tall, thin, smart, or good at math  you are. Striped pants will make you look like a clown. The rare exceptions are rockers from the late '60s and early '70s. If the characters from the movie "Almost Famous" were your fictitious analog, chances are you were able to get away with striped pants. BUT, here's where I contradict myself! Because I ACTUALLY found a pair of striped pants that don't make me want to cry myself to sleep.

They're the Tory Burch Irene pant, and somehow they work! As Whitney Houston says at the beginning of "So Emotional," "I don't know why I like it. I just do!"

Oh, and speaking of Tory Burch, shell out $29 and get this Japan Relief t-shirt. One hundred percent of the proceeds go to the American Red Cross to aid in the relief efforts in Japan.
($29, Tory Burch,