Tuesday, April 5, 2011

Does This Hourglass Necklace Make My Ass Look Too Steampunk?

So, like, I guess I'm steampunk now? Since I think these little functional (meaning they're miniature but they actually work!) fin de siècle charm necklaces would be quite cute layered with a few chains? I kinda like brass mixed with slightly tarnished gold. Strappy monocle goggles optional!

($32, UniqueVintage.com)
Tiny hourglass, for keeping track of tiny intervals of time!
($36, UniqueVintage.com)
Tiny compass for when you're lost in tiny places.
($36, UniqueVintage.com)
Okay, these most miniature of mini binoculars probably don't work, but if they did, you could use them to see tiny little things!