Thursday, April 14, 2011

Nally And Millie Does A PERFECTLY PERFECT Slouchy Top

Photo by Young Fat & Fabulous' Gabi Gregg
Nally And Millie makes very versatile, drapy, flowy, ultra comfy tops, tunics and dresses in perfect basic blacks and greys and bold-not-boring stripes. They're softer than a kitten's ear, and they hang just right. (Notice how I avoided a well-hung joke.) The nice folks who do Nally And Millie's PR sent me this floaty grey top. Usually I'm always like "I'm not one of those fashion bloggers who takes photos of myself." But I guess I am. Because here I am, standing on TOP of New York City. Yes, that's the kind of power I wield. 

Anyway, this grey top is a lightweight, slightly sheer knit with that elusive ability to do slouchy without doing shlumpy, and does the Dolman-batwing thing the way it should be done. I mean, I'm "just a regular person," and look how much happier I look in it than this model!


 Get this Nally and Millie top in black at or at Bloomingdale's.

Also, I need to quickly call attention to my Dannijo "Grace" cuff, because it is SEVERE! I got it at the Dannijo sample sale a month or so ago. It looks like a cuff, but it acts like a freaking WEAPON. I have bruises from it and owntevencayre.