Friday, July 22, 2011

Lust List: Vanessa G Designs, Issa London Kaftan, Kate Spade Cobble Hill Bag

ift up your head, and dry your eyes, because I'm back with another lust list. Perhaps because it's hotter than the fiery depths of Hades (and because I need to get them out of my system before the wines, greens, burgundies and ochres of fall) I'm tending toward bold, bright, flaming-hot colors. Let's start with...

($179, Issa,
This Issa kaftan is the EMBODIMENT of my desire to live a full-time late-60s/ early '70s lifestyle. As well as a peacock. A late '60s peacock.

YOU GUISE. Vanessa Gounden's Vanessa G collection is STUN.NING. She's a South African designer who, as you can see, designs with the eye of a museum curator, which is why her photo-realistic prints look like she pulled a Monet off the wall at the Lourve and whipped it into a silken piece of wearable art. Here's more about Vanessa G in Vogue.

An adorable leather Kate Spade fold-over bag the color of a tangerine? Yes, I will partake in that. And it's the Cobble Hill Leslie bag. And as a Brooklyner, that's basically fate.