Wednesday, September 14, 2011

Izzy Lane For Topshop Coats Look Way Warm, Way Wonderful

Topshop's going all ethical, which is nice! -- with their Izzy Lane wool collaboration. Founder Isobel Lane makes her wool from her own flocks of endangered primitive breed sheep in the Yorkshire Dales, which is totally what I would do if I were really nice and had a lot of time to do nice things.

How perfectly "smart," as the Brits say, is this faux-fur-trimmed boyfriend coat? I love when other people do nice things for me, so this is totally perfect.

$390, Izzy Lane For Topshop

$200, Topshop
Another Topshop winter coat. The faux-fur is detachable! You don't see enough rust-colored coats with detachable bits, you know?
$440, Unique, Topshop
So dramatic!