Friday, September 9, 2011

You Can Shop Zara Online Now, SO BUY EVERYTHING!

Zara finally FINALLY launched its US e-commerce site. And, welp, I now spell "trouble" Z-A-R-A.

I mean, these four dresses alone:

$189, Zara,
Totally Judy Jetson goes to ring dance.

$59.90, Zara,

Kinda Helmut Lang-ish, no?

+ More Zara dresses after the jump...

$79.90, Zara.
That '70s dress.

$29.90, Zara,

And this tiger would like you to know that the dress upon which he appears is NOT EVEN $30!

$129, Zara,

And these excellently '80s cap-toe leather booties? Okay, twist my arm, Zara! OKAY, I GIVE UP! FINE! I'LL BUY THEM.