Sunday, December 18, 2011

WHO Is This Model On Sassy's September 1994 Cover?

One of the nice things about blogging and social media and crowd sourcing is being able to easily look up exes to see who totally let themselves go having a platform to dump the most trivial contents of your brain's unemptied recycling bin out into the universe. So, help. Internet friends/ followers/ fiends, WHO is this '90s model who was on the cover of Sassy? She was a big print model, and I think her name was Sarah, and her face pops up every once in a while in Macy's ads or whatever. And even though I think I'm a POWER Googler, searches for "'90s print model Sarah" have somehow only landed me on jpegs of someone's mom's Thanksgiving casserole. 

Also, just to be the 15 TRILLIONTH woman in the world to say this: FUCK, I miss Sassy. It's marginally to moderately sad how EVERY page of that magazine automatically triggers an entire arc of teenage memories soundtracked by The Cranberries and The Sundays: cutting things out of magazines to make collages; my bedroom walls covered in magazine images, ads and images (including one for the 1994 VMAs, which ended up being self-prophesying since 12 years later I'd start my job there); dying my hair Tori Amos-red; wearing RIDICULOUSLY oversized jeans and thrifting for flannels and grandpa pants. Sassy was truly my first love as a teenager. I have college roommates whose last names I barely recall, but I seriously remember EVERY page of EVERY Sassy I ever read. RIP/ neverforget.

Anyway, WTF is that model's name? Kthxbai!