Sunday, January 22, 2012

3 Super Sexist Vintage Coffee Ads

I've been on a vintage ad binge lately, and I've got some anecdotal evidence that demonstrates that coffee ads were SO effing sexist! While I could just assume that vintage coffee ads had a thing for sexism, the reality is pretty much ALL ads had a thing for sexism. But here are three horrifying coffee ads I came across that just boggle the mind.

The first is this RAGINGLY inappropriate Chase Sanborn coffee ad that put the fear of God -- and domestic violence -- in women lest their coffee sucks. Lady, you got one job: do EVERYTHING AROUND THE HOUSE. So don't fuck up ANYTHING. Especially the coffee. And you KNOW how Hal gets about his coffee.

This 1972 ad for Maxim coffee was also sexist but with notes of subordination and subservience as opposed to getting your ass beaten. Beyas, who cares what you think about roasted beans, as long as your husband likes his java.
Hey lady, guess what? I know you hang a lot of your self-worth on the quality of your coffee. It seems the well-being of your marriage balances precariously on a set of depressingly unrealistic and objectifying expectations. But, dude your husband fucking HATES your coffee, and he's gonna use that as a way to withhold both emotional intimacy and sex while at the same time comparing you to other women! Sorrles!

+ Enjoy about a billion more sexist coffee ads from back in the day.