Thursday, January 26, 2012

MiH's Stars Silk Blouse = Stars Forever

I have a thickfreakness weakness for star prints. Not all star prints -- no thank you to grotesque violations of Americana -- but a tastefully done star print. Plus, I LIVE for an all-occasion silk blouse. So I'm seeing stars (not afraid of redundant wordplay!) over MiH's silk star print blouse:

$275, MiH Jeans,

Unfortunately $275 is a bit out of my budget, but thankfully I have my Lazerade By Veda stars blouse from Urban Outfitters to enjoy regularly.

And what star-related post would be complete without Robyn's (my own personal Swedish Jesus) "Stars 4-Ever" and Paris Hilton's "Stars Are Blind" opus? I'll karaoke the shit out of this song, just so you know.