Saturday, May 19, 2012

I Miss You Like The Deserts Miss The Rains

Hello from the Hyatt New Brunswick. (West Brunswick? East? I don't know. Also, why are there that many Brunswicks? One's really enough.) Oddly, the room service is quite good here.

My SINCEREST apologies for the delay in blogging. It's NOT because I'm mad at you or anything. What? You heard I was mad at you? WHO told you that? That's SO not even true? Ew. Don't believe anything she says. Come on. She's an idiot. I would NEVER.

Seriously. I miss you! I miss our talks! I've been traveling like a BAWSSE. First I was in Palm Springs taking in all of the angular mid-century modern architecture and Googie signs and enjoying NOT WORKING for a few days. Then I came back to work, endured the resultant shitstorm as one does when they're out of the office and Outlook is like OH HELL NAW when you try to make some semblance of sense of the gravitas of the gravity of your inbox, and then I turned around and went to New Jersey for Bamboozle. (SHUT UP. IT'S FOR WORK.) Which explains the Brunswick.

Anyway, this is a blog about SHOPPING, so let me quickly share that I got a pair of Nike x Liberty of London Dunk Sky Hi platform wedge hi-top sneakers, and HOLY SHIT, they're the best things I threw a honit and twenty at in a minute.

$130, Nike, Nordstrom
These things corner like they're on rails.

Next thing I don't regret buying at all -- the apotheosis of the best-ever boyfriend jeans: Current/ Elliott's Boyfriend Jeans. Best fit, best slouch, and best of all, I sized about three sizes down. Thanks, C/E, for that body image shot in the arm.

$206, Current/ Elliott/
Okay. More blogging soon, I assure you so can sleep well tonight. INCREDIBLE tinted moisturizer with a cruiseship-sized boatload of SPF, gorgeous geode jewelry and other fun finds. But I REALLY must shower and wash the power pop off of me. And the Jersey. (No offense.)