Monday, June 18, 2012

MAC's Ruffian Nail And Lipstick Collection Is Hotter Than August Asphault

Behold MAC's Ruffian press-on nails. THOSE Demoiselle POINTED HALF MOONS! (I haven't seen nails so covetable since Beyonce busted out those Chanel Nouvelle Vague nails in her "Why Don't You Love Me?" video -- one of her best and most underrated videos, if I may.)
Spectator, Demilune and Demoiselle, $25, each

Ruffian Naked, Ruffian Red and Ruffian Gold, $14.50 each

MAC's Ruffian line is a limited edition collection of three press-on nails nail sets and three matching lipsticks. I'm personally having minor fainting spells over the Demoiselle half-moon set in Ruffian Red. They're SO Kiss of the Spider Woman, and the more Petula Clark I can incorporate into my nails the better, IMO. Sink your nails into the Ruffian collection while you still can.