Thursday, September 23, 2010

Buying, Mulling, Denying

Feeling just a TAD out of control with the purchasing lately. Like, I really DID need a new pair of black boots for the season. But...did I need two? Probably not, but they were relatively cheap, and so I will not indulge the little guilt monster that whispers maybe I should return one. However, I am instituting a waiting period on any other footwear purchases, and I'm even going to deny myself certain wants. I am so mature!


First I bought these Steven by Steve Madden "Intyce" boots, $129. I actually have two other pairs of boots in this style, with the very slight wedge heel and the buckle(s) on the side, but I love them and wear them all the time, and I think they work for a shit ton of outfits. AND they were only $96 with Piperlime's 25% off coupon (down to tk% off today, then poof!).

And then, a little birdie dissed them for being flat, and I started looking around for a cool heeled pair, and LO! Camper makes a boot in the Rachael style, of which I already have two sandals!

Camper "Rachael" boot, $145.65. Just can't get enough of that heel, I guess. UPDATE: Returned. Too skinny for my calves. *sadface*


Forever 21 "Ashton" T-strap clogs, $29.80. Saw these on a girl shot for Racked street-style thing, and damn, I just think they're hot. Obviously they're not going to be high-quality shoes. But worth the risk of them falling apart? UPDATE: BOUGHT! AWESOME! COMPLIMENTS! YES!


Vintage pony-hair moccasins, $64. I'm not getting these. Thought about it, but just don't think I can rock them as they were meant to be rocked. I do think they are superawesome though. One of you get them! (Tamar??)