Wednesday, May 5, 2010

Agent Provocateur's New Bridal Collection Means You Gets To Be Christina Hendricks On The Cover Of 'New York' Mag

If you, like me, Stan for Christina Hendricks (Joan from "Mad Men") AND like olde-tymey-looking lingerie, then rejoice! Agent Provocateur's new bridal collection is a.) gorj, and AND b.) goes up to an E cup. Often, if you're a chesty lady and you walk into a nice lingerie place, they all but LOL in your FACE and basically suggest you sew two C cups together and pray. So an E cup is, if you'll pardon me here, a "big" deal for lingerie. Especially bridal. My favorite of Agent Provocateur's new bridal line is the super retro "Thelma" skirted sweetheart body suit below. It's $390. Oh yeah, and I SWEAR I'll soon stop being lazy and post some wedding pix already, speaking of bridal shiz.