Wednesday, May 5, 2010

Wish List: Rachel Roy Transformer Zip Jacket

($159, Rachel Roy)
Let's discuss this precious little convertible Rachel Roy jacket, shall we? First of all, the fun animal print makes me believe that a giraffe and leopard mated. Second, it's like the Matryoshka doll of jackets. Why a Matryoshka doll? Because, like the doll, this jacket's got a top part and a bottom part. The bottom zips away to reveal some cropped jacket cuteness, which means it's TWO PERFECTLY GOOD JACKETS in one! And I love a two-for-one deal. As in "more than meets the eye," as in Transformers. And who can resist a good Transformer reference? Not I.

I do have to use this opportunity, by the way, to air a small grievance: I'm super dismayed that the pants the model is wearing above are NOT available for purchase! Don't put it on the menu if I can't order it!
($89, Rachel Roy)
Who's afraid of a metallic pant? Not this girl.