Thursday, June 17, 2010

Eee! An Adorable Shoe Named After A Kitten!

What's cuter than this cut-out batik print Oxford Boxing Kitten/ Osborn collaboration? That's a Brooklyn designer mash-up BTW!

($180, Boxing Kitten)

Only this kitten wearing a hat:

(Via BeautyBloggingJunkie and Courtney John)

Boxing Kitten and Osborn's limited-edition "Cheeky" shoe (only 50 pairs were made, and each pair is numbered) is made from 100% recycled tires. The kitten is made of miracles.

And PS: Check out Boxing Kitten's Tam Tam batik sweetheart party dress, which I like to think was subconsciously inspired by and named after me:
($315, Atomic Kitten)

PPS: Also, what's not to love about Osborn's Mayan print boots:
($130, Osborn.
I could see myself living in these for about 14 months straight.