Saturday, July 17, 2010

Risto Bimbiloski, I'm A Cosmo Girl!

Lately I've been all space cadety and dreaming of Pink Floyd-referencing, cosmic, marbley watercolors and photo prints. Sometimes they're pieces that are actually tie-dyes, but they're so not hippie-chick at all. They're intergalactic pieces that look like they're in a dark and stormy mood, a la Peter Pilotto's Fall 2009 collection and much of Risto Bimbiloski's signature celestial notes.

($99, Laeken,
I'm lovin' Laeken's pieces and their more of-this-earth prices.

($150, Laeken,
This Laeken top is the perfect wear-anywhere, layer-with-anything piece.

($759, Tsumori Chisato,
Has there ever been an edifice moodier than the Eiffel Tower?

($75, Risto Bimbiloski, Opening Ceremony)

($384, Risto Bimbiloski, Assembly New York)
A LIGHTNING-PRINT boyfriend blazer = thunderclap of genius.

Now check out more from Risto Bimbiloski's blog, and listen to Metric's acoustic version of "Twilight Galaxy" and just TRY not to cry.