Friday, July 16, 2010

Discount Vs. Designer: Matiko Does Christian Louboutin's Rollerball Studded Loafers!

Christian Louboutin, or, as Paris Hilton likes to say, Christian Loubuiton's studded Rollerball loafers have been on my fantasy fashion wish list for a fortnight. Obviously, since they're a grand, they're staying in the realm of the virtual and not the actual. BUUUUT, thanks to Matiko, a less-bad-ass version -- their "Leila" studded loafers -- could be mine for just $119. And guess what? THEY WILL! Just try and WATCH me not buy 'em!

($995, Christian Louboutin, Saks)

($119, Matiko,

And Christian Louboutin's Zebra Pack studded loafers will top my fantasy fashion list probably forever. They're like the late, great Mark Bolan in shoe form.