Friday, August 6, 2010

A Tale of Three Hats

There's nothing like outfitting yourself for outdoorsy adventures to make you feel like a stupid fashion twat. I have tried in vain (literally) to find cute stuff that is also functionalfor my upcoming Yosemite hiking adventure. In talking with my hiking-expert friend Leanne, I learned that "a hat is a must." And so: A search for a hat was born!

I began last Friday, randomly, when I had some time to kill on Smith Street. One of my favorite stores is Exit 9, a gifty-novelty store that also carries Tano bags and some other accessories. They have cute mittens in the winter, and paper party cups with noses on them so when you drink, you can look like you have a hairy old-man schnoz. Lots of fun stuff, see? They also have cool hats. I bought one, since it had a brim and would keep the sun off my face.

San Diego Hat Co. "Lacie" linen buckle hat, $35. I brought it home to my husband, Carl, who replied, "That's not a hiking hat. That is a fashion hat." I considered. Perhaps. Could return, but lost receipt. Argh. Well, I like it. My only concern is that it has kind of an urban-dancer vibe about it? Like maybe Janet Jackson circa Rhythm Nation would approve?

The following day I hit the Brooklyn Flea. It was hot out. Like what-am-I-doing-here-on-this-blacktop hot. And so, when I found the Lento hat rack, I was a sitting duck. I was intrigued by this one hat with a really exaggerated brim that the seller said was supposed to be worn to the back, but that cool Brooklynites have been wearing in the front. It was kind of amazing.

Lento "Maxi" hat, $30. Hand-made, hand-dyed, organic, all that good stuff. And reversible! It seemed like this was definitely "fashion," though, so I went with the more reasonable (and still sun-protectively functional) regular version:

Lento "Medium" hat, $25. (It was $20 at the Flea, in case any locals want to pick one up). I got it in purple. Or gray. Reversible rules! However, as I walked to my next appointment at the beer garden, a slight breeze kept threatening to lift the fucker right off my head. Not cool. Not functional. FASHION. Shit.

So today I finally went to return the hiking boots that I bought at EMS and then found cheaper online, and I noticed their hat section. SCORE!

I found a perfectly cute-enough gray hat, the EMS Chelan II with a UPF (that's SPF for clothes, I think) of 30 and wicking capability. Take that, head sweat! It was $16.80. Done and (PHEW) done!

Now let's hope I can find occasion to wear the other two hats, too....