Wednesday, May 11, 2011

I'm Truly Not Mad At Rachel McAdams' Wackadoo Marchesa Dress!!!

(Credit: EPA/ DailyMail)

So much cognitive dissonance happening here with Rachel McAdams' Marchesa dress at the Cannes premiere of her new movie, Midnight in Paris. On one hand, it reminds me of the flocked Baroque couch that my grandma gave us when I was little and ended up in the basement. (The couch ended up in the basement. I did not as it smelled like mildew down there.)

On the other hand... it's fucking unapologetically rad. I don't even care that from the side it hung with all of the sartorial aplomb of a Jostens graduation gown. It's totally fussy, completely unsexy, but fully fantastic. You go, Glen Coco!