Saturday, May 14, 2011

One of These Things Is notLike the Other

The post seems to have disappeared, but Sugar Rock Catwalk recently discovered a striking similarity between some pretty damn ubiquitous Dolce Vita wedges (that's the DV version, the "Pali") and Target's Mossimo "Pilar" sandals. Interesting. Looks like Dolce Vita's not the only brand with whom they're, uh, taking the collaboration a little further.

Last spring Target had what I thought was a pretty cool collection by Cynthia Vincent. Unlike with Dolce Vita, they don't have the brand's shoes in stores right now, but check this out:

Cynthia Vincent "Roma" gladiator wedges, a pair I recently admired on the feet of a coworker and then web-stalked. They're amazing.

Annnnnnnd, exhibit B:

Mossimo "Priya" wedges.

Pretty blatant, I'd say.

For the record, I still want the CV version.