Friday, September 23, 2011

Jeffrey Campbell's Lita Heels: NOW TOTALLY SPIKED

$188, Jeffrey Campbell,
Jeffrey Campbell Lita heels, now TOTALLY SPIKED. For her pleasure. In the words of that great poet, Kanye West, "That's right put in work, move your ass, go berserk."

When you're done ordering the cat tapestry Lita heels, pre-order the spiked heels at

And SPEAKING OF Fred Flare, CONGRATULATIONS to Fred Flare founders/ owners Keith and Chris, who just got married earlier this month. I profiled them in 2008, Fred Flare store first opened, and they're truly two of the most genuine, generous, hardworking individuals I've ever met. Their store -- and their all-things-cute-all-the-time mantra are so joyfully cheerful and refreshing. So go indie, and shop Fred Flare! These guys deserve your support.