Saturday, October 15, 2011

It's Cute Sweater Weather!

Aside from a few highly uncomfortable, confusing days of Seattle-like humidity (SO BAD FOR MY HAIR, Y'ALL!!), it's ALMOST sweater weather here in New York! Since most of my sweaters have horses or cats on them -- there's a time and place for that, of course, but it's definitely not all the time nor is it any place -- I realized it's time to step up my sweater game. Fortunately, the nice folks at Lands End Canvas sent me their Striped Button-Back Sweater in orange. I don't have very strict criteria when it comes to sweaters (usually my main criteria involved... cats and horses), but this sweater is so perfect that's it now become the prototype, to cite Outkast. I'm wearing the medium, and it's a perfect fit -- roomy, but not in a Grandpa's Sweater kind of way. And it's thick and snuggly and perfectly soft without a single annoyingly itchy fiber. Not. Even. One.

Because I always stand in my own doorway with my hand on my waist! CHEERS!

Ohai, welcome to my alcove. Like my sweater?

Best part: BUTTONS UP THE BACK, people!!!

$39.99, Lands End Canvas
It also comes in navy. Seriously, this sweater's so good a STRAIGHT GUY AT WORK asked where I got it. And a quick note on Lands End Canvas -- they're pros at classic, mix-and-match basics (sweaters, khakis, stripey cotton tees) a la J. Crew or Madewell at half the price. With an EXCELLENT shoe selection. And they're NEVER not having a sale (case in point -- cute stripey sweater's on sale!!). Run and tell that.