Friday, October 28, 2011


YOU GUISE! My neon yellow Cambridge Satchel bag is HERE! It's REAL. And IT'S SPECTACULAR. YES, I spotted a couple at Fashion Week, which was around the same time Lucky's Cambridge Satchel piece landed in my inbox. Sadly, those two things combined are all it took for me to deliberate for less than the time it takes for Rachel Zoe to deny food and purchase a neon yellow one.

I had my first name ghost embossed onto the front. (I don't LOVE how that looks, because I'm not that into the kerning, but at least it's subtle -- ALSO, shame on anyone who succeeds in stealing this, because you KNOW their name ain't Tamar.)

My Cambridge Satchel was a little over $200 (would've been less without the embossing, but I figured if I'm spending 2 Benjies on it, it might as well come with my name on it), which is a fairly small price to pay for an "it bag" or whatever. (You can get green and pink satchels at J. Crew). And honestly, IDGAF about "it bags," and I didn't want it because it's an "it bag." I just wanted "this bag," you know? Plus, hi, it's handmade to spec, and it took just a little over a month. OH, and, the best part, IT SMELLS SOOOOOOOOOO leathery! In the good way. I made three people at work smell it, and they all agreed. 

OVERALL, my findings as one who coveted a neon Cambridge Satchel and then pulled the trigger: TOTALLY WORTH IT! OH YEAH, as for the naysayers who are all "OMFG NEON BAGS ARE TOO BRIGHT AND HURT MY EYES"? That's your problem, bro. Not mine.