Wednesday, November 9, 2011


The day you step out in this Delilah Shoe from Senso Diffusion is the day you've arrived.

Typically, I'm not one to sit here and write about women's clothes, shoes, or accessories -- mainly because I don't wear them, but this is a special case. I know it's totally not ok to judge your neighbor or tell women what to wear until you've walked a mile in their shoes or something along those lines but whatever... this is ME tellin' YOU.

LADIES... you NEED these Senso boots. These are head-turners, these are pieces of ART for your FEET... with these shoes it doesn't matter if you've had a pedicure recently or you have a snaggle toe. NO ONE WILL KNOW OR CARE! Aside from their shape, color, and totally bonkers platform heel... THEY'RE FRIGGEN PONY HAIR. Jeans... white tank top... big earrings... #DONE. Trust me. (And if someone decides to make them in a men's high-top... BEST BELIEVE...)

(They're also available in black but like... if you're gonna do it, DO IT. Get pink. This is Rory talking to you.)