Friday, January 13, 2012

Reiss Has Really Good Stuff On Sale

WTF? Why don't I shop at Reiss more often? (It's a British high street that feels like if French Connection  went to a semester or two of grad school, and I mean that so lovingly because I love French Connection. Oh, and Reiss has a REALLY habit-forming handbag selection.) Being way better about shopping at Reiss and using fewer water bottles. There. Those are my perfectly reasonable resolutions for 2012. And now's a perfect time to start. I mean, LOOK at this excellent embellished dress on SUPER sale:

$288, Reiss
This dress vaaaaaaguely reminds me of that epic Alexander McQueen dress Drew Barrymore wore last year. Like, in a perfectly acceptable watered-down-for-my-affordability way.

The Taryn playsuit is sold out online -- BLAST AND DAMN! -- but it's worth looking for in the store. SO Florence Welch.

$51, Reiss
I've been on a serious sheer blouse binge lately, and Reiss' polka dot sheer blouse is PERFECT, because polka dots are WAY in, and I don't like paying more than $51 for anything, really. I mean, who does?
$120, Reiss
$120, Reiss

My name is Tamar, and I approve of these asymmetrical teal platform heels.

$133, Reiss
The PERFECT pointy toe! THE PERFECT, SOPHISTICATED shade of silver.

$255, Reiss
This little shoulder bag is suede and leather, and those aren't even my favorite things about it; Observe the little metal barbell hardware, and then note that the bag is called "Reiss Brewer." Straight from "The Official Preppy Handbook," 2012 edition.