Wednesday, January 11, 2012

Iris Apfel For MAC Collection: Buy Everything Now! While You Still Can!

Watch and learn, people. Ninety-year-old Iris Apfel is everything I want to be when I grow up: a bespectacled, unabashedly bad-ass New Yorker unafraid to be a style original and unafraid to wear all of her bracelets at once. Who am I kidding? That is probably four percent of Iris Apfel's bracelet collection. But anyone who abides by the polar opposite of Coco Chanel's "take off one accessory before you leave the house" fashion rule of thumb is probably someone whose arms I envy. Oh, and I'd also like to be way way way rich. (Not gonna lie about that one.) I'd be charitable too. Gosh. Don't be all judge-y in my fantasy.

Another reason to want to be Iris Apfel? MAC, quite astutely, just released their Iris Apfel collection, a limited-edition 20-piece collection, and of course my favorites are the nail polishes and lipsticks, especially the shades brighter than a tanning bed on fire. My rule of thumb for lipstick, and nail polish is usually "would someone be able to see this from space?" If yes, then it's probably a beauty product I'll invest in.

Sandpiper Creamy pale stone beige (Limited Edition)
** Oriele Orange Bright orange coral (Limited Edition) ** FAVESIES
Toco Toucan Bright blue-fuchsia (Limited Edition)

Pink Pigeon Bright cleanest pink (Matte) (Limited Edition) 
** Morange Loudmouth orange (Permanent) ** FAVESIES!
Scarlet Ibis Bright orange-red (Matte) (Limited Edition)
Party Parrot Bright red-pink (Matte) (Limited Edition) 
Flamingo Light milky bright coral (Lustre) (Limited Edition) 

Most of the Iris Apfel MAC lipsticks are sold out, but my favorite, Morange, is still available online, so get to steppin'. Or go stalk your local MAC to see if they're still available. (Don't act like you're above it.)

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