Thursday, March 29, 2012

Christian Louboutin's Roxane Handbags Will Hurt You Like In A Christian Grey Way

I like my handbags the opposite of the way I like everything else in my life: DANGEROUS. Which is why I'm answering the siren call of Christian Louboutin's hazardously spiked Roxane handbags. What good is a purse if it doesn't cause a little pain? Wait, WHAT's gotten into me? And am I really admitting to the blog-reading PUBLIC that I actually read the steaming turd that is "Fifty Shades Of Grey"? WHO AM I? WHY, GOD WHY? WHAT HAPPENED TO ME? I USED TO BE COOL AND DISCRIMINATING AND TOO GOOD FOR SHIT LIKE A REAL NEW YORKER!

Anyway, while I deal with my pedestrian tastes, let's get back to the bags -- at $2495, I'm actually in no danger of so much as even encountering one IRL. I'll just submissively admire from afar.