Saturday, July 7, 2012

How To Oil Paint And Sell Your Paintings

The self taught artist and my oil paintings sell. I learned how by looking at kinkade art and would try to do his works and doing this I became a very good self taught artist.

The more you practice and copy others works the more you learn techniques as well. Practice doing portraits of famous people the more you do the better you become and your art will look like it took a lot of time to do. I even came up with a technique to do almost perfect portraits or any picture you may want to do.

Its simple just buy a projector; this works perfect for portraits and you can blow the picture up as big as you want. The drawing will be almost perfect then just use your skills and be creative on a back ground and sky. The projector is a valuable tool and saves time.

You just trace the picture you plan to oil paint. And your art work will be original and your portraits will come out beautiful if you use your skills. I'm self taught and it took me over 5 years to become a great to the point that people will buy my art work its so good. Train yourself to oil paint fast as well and do oil paintings in hours that look beautiful.

Also practice other things like scenes, landscapes, abstract from your head, weird art works, tractors, cars, portraits, pictures of homes etc. Anyone can sell originals for big money. After I became so good that people like all my art work. It is time to start selling them for big money so I took my works to store front owners and drop them off and my art hangs on the walls for sale and eventually someone comes in and buys it.

You have to sell high to be profitable in the oil paintings world or its not worth the time unless you just like oil painting. Teaching your self is easy if you practice by looking at other artists works then try to get the same effects. Keep doing this and soon you will learn the secrets to creating nice trees and portraits and abstract which requires certain techniques. I've never went in front of a teacher or any instructor and my works are very beautiful.