Sunday, July 1, 2012

I Pledge Allegiance To Anthropologie's Shoe Selection

Stand up and salute Anthropologie's current shoe selection. I mean, please. Really.

$430, Chie Mahara,
These Chie Mahara bolted peep-toe booties are the Aladdin Sane of peep-toe booties and will obsessively consume my thoughts like p0rn0graphy. Not that I obsess over p0rn. I really don't. Just shoes. But no judgements if you're into p0rn. You do you. You've got flesh, I've got footwear.

$378, Judari,
Am I aware that these Judari floral wedge sneakers a more of a clusterfuck than Times Square? Well, yeah, but I like a farrago where personal style is concerned. The busier the better.

$438, Bettye Muller,
These are just BEGGING to be worn with a red silk blouse and black skinny jeans. Mama, I'm comin' home!
$158, Farylrobin,
These mint floral jute flatforms (AHHH! AGAIN! SO MANY THINGS AT ONCE!) are SO Alice In Wonderland goes to a suburban rave in 1994. So, in other words, they're everything I need in a shoe.